Construction And Completion of New Annex And Renovation Works For Kedah Digital Library (KDL) Project Phase 2.

  1. RFI Form for M&E inspection.
  2. 2nd floor progress for laying bricks
  3. 2nd floor beam structure before take out the scaffolding.
  4. Annex A plan for Kedah Digital Library.
  5. Fire hose installation at annex B.
  6. Roofing structure being installed.
  7. Part of new annex A beam and roof structure.
  8. Electrical pipe at Kedah Digital Library cafeteria toilet area.
  9. Front of Kedah Digital Library site.
  10. Electrical, roof and structure on new annex A.
  11. Noise cancelling roof layout for annex A.
  12. Pipe and electrical point in annex B.

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