Renovation Works For New Porch at Taman Utama, Kangar, Perlis.

  1. Backhoe start to make clearance on renovation site.
  2. Finish clearance.
  3. Workers start to make progress on BRC for base.
  4. Done with BRC and laying armoured wire for Automatic gate.
  5. Laying concrete for base
  6. Done concreting for base
  7. Plastering works for side wall.
  8. Truss work installation for metal deck roof.
  9. Roof installation.
  10. Tile works in progress.
  11. Metal works for gates by Paterimara.
  12. Gate installation.
  13. Auto gate installation.
  14. Done with gate and Auto gate installation.
  15. Changing Polycarbonate roof for steel trusses roof.

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