Renovation Works For New Porch at Taman Utama, Kangar, Perlis.

  1. Concrete breaking for existing wall.
  2. Breaking the wall at the side.
  3. Putting aggregate before concreting the floor base.
  4. Concreting base by KTK Concrete.
  5. Workers levelling the concrete thickness.
  6. Installing roman pillar and putting concrete.
  7. Done with floor base and roman pillar.
  8. Iron works for roofing.
  9. Installing the roof truss using 1×2 hollow.
  10. Ready to levelling the floor before installing the tiles.
  11. Metaldecks installation.
  12. Finishing up with roofing works.
  13. Finish with roof and tile.
  14. Auto gate installation.
  15. Project finished.

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